Pawsitive Contributions

Coastal Pet Cremation is a new business looking to help anyway they can. If you have an event or sponsorship opportunity you would like us to be involved in, please email

Free cremation for government dogs

We at Coastal Pet Cremation feel that those animals whom have devoted their lives to the service of us deserve to be honored. Therefore, all Government Dogs including, Police Dogs, Military Dogs, Retired Police Dogs, etc. will obtain a simplicity package cremation at no charge.

A USA soldier crouched and petting his service dog
Parrot Outreach Society

Support Birdie's Friends at the Parrot Outreach Society

The Parrot Outreach Society is a non-profit organization whose focus and concern is parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots. They are an outreach and placement program that places parrots which are abandoned, abused, or in need of a home for any reason. Learn more at


We will accept and deliver donations of bedding, collars, clippers, dog or cat crates, bird cages, food (opened or unopened), leashes, litter, treats, toys, and chews, etc. for pet shelters in the areas we service.

Pet accessories concept. Dry food, collars and rubber toys for pet on isolated white background.