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We want you to know, you and your pet are in good hands. As pet families ourselves, we understand the joy pets bring, and how hard it can be to have to say goodbye. Below you can get to know us and our hearts, and we hope you don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any way we can serve you.


Camille Childs

Growing up in Miami, Camille always remembers her family having a lot of animals. This was mostly because she would find abandoned or stray animals and bring them home. Camille’s mother could never bring herself to say no when she would ask, “Please, can we keep it?” Camille’s first job was at 15 years old working at a veterinary clinic, cleaning cages and walking dogs. This instilled her passion for helping animals and people.

As an adult, she moved from her hometown of Miami, to Champaign, Illinois searching for a change. After meeting her husband, Dennis, an Illinois native with a love for animals, they quickly bought a farm on a few acres in the country and filled it with children and animals. Camille was introduced to a new world of rabbits, goats, chickens, and turkeys. Her husband bred rabbits, reptiles, and birds. You name it, they had it. The days Camille spent at her country home with her husband, their two children, and all their beloved animals ignited her passion for pets.

After ten years working in advertising, Camille didn’t feel she was following her passion in life. She always loved animals and felt it was time for a change; to dedicate her life to what she loves …animals! Camille decided to leave her advertising career and start working for a local pet crematory that was looking for office help.

Camille brought her strong relationship building skills and her love for animals to the pet cremation business to help the many pet parents in the community. Her passion for helping pet parents memorialize their pet’s memory grew very quickly. Camille wanted to help more people, so she decided to open her own pet crematory in her home state of Florida.

Camille and Dennis have two children, Tristan and Aria, who also love every animal they meet.  The Childs family currently has two blue and gold Macaws named Birdie and Murray, one Scarlet named Paula, two cats named Mango and Hanna, one Cockatiel named Sunny, and one Guinee Pig named Chewy.


Dennis Childs

Dennis grew up in a small town in Illinois with his Mother, Father, two Sisters, Brother, and many Pets. His family spent their summers camping and canoeing in the Northwoods and instilled his love for fishing, hunting, and exploring nature. Dennis has always had a deep love of nature and all animals alike. Growing up his mother had many birds which, they breed for the local pet shop that she worked at. The Childs’ family had a plethora of pets dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, fish tanks and even a prairie dog. They also raised several abandoned baby raccoons and squirrels.

Dennis Graduated from school in 2003 and started working as a carpenter and then specialized in welding and metal fabrication for a couple years. Eventually Dennis ended up working in the cable industry for ten years but was never happy working for large corporations.  Dennis never lost his love for animals and worked part time when he could for a pet store in champaign Illinois. He had many exotic animals breeding geckos, bearded dragons, rabbits, and fish.

Dennis and Camille met in the winter of 2013, shortly after she moved to Champaign. They quickly fell in love and were engaged a few short months later. Dennis bought their dream house and some land way out in the country in central Illinois. There they began their family life together with their two children Tristan and Aria. Living out in the country on land that had all sorts of opportunity to raise animals and gardens as well. They had goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, guineafowl, dogs, cats, and fish. While living on there farm their love for animals only grew even with all the work of caring for them. Even though Dennis and Camille loved the place they lived, eventually they realized it was time to leave Illinois to make a better life for their family. Camille had been working in pet cremation for a few years and Dennis had seen her happiness and success in the industry. So, he decided to leave the cable industry and Illinois to start a new life in Florida working with his wife in pet cremation to help other pet lovers who have lost a beloved pet.

Currently the Childs family lives in sunny Southwest Florida with their cats Mango and Hana as well as there three macaws Birdie, Murry and Pauly, as well as a cockateel named Sunny.

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Where years of companionship are created into celebrated memories. When tears of sadness dry and paws fly, we pay tribute to your beloved pet.