Frequently Asked Questions

Our company is founded on compassionate care and understanding for your loss, as we have gone through those same emotions and experiences. We treat every animal as if they were our own and feel honored that we are able to help your pet pass on to its next journey.

Cremation is the process of reducing matter into chemical compounds using high temperature burning, vaporization, and oxidation. Today many pet owners choose cremation as an alternative to burial for their adored pets. Coastal Pet Cremation understands the significant place a pet holds in the lives of pet parents, and we take pride in ensuring we treat your beloved pet with care and respect throughout the process of cremation.

After the passing of your beloved pet, cremation is a common choice as the final care for your pet. Two common options for cremation are individual and communal cremation. With individual cremation, your pet will be in the cremation chamber with a few other beloved pets. Pets are not touching and are separated by space and steel dividers. The animals are divided in a manner that allows the crematorium operator to collect each pets’ individual cremated remains using our steel tag identification system.

In a communal pet cremation, your pet is cremated along with other pets. As a result, the remains are not guaranteed to be solely that of your pet, and the cremains will be scattered out at sea.

At Coastal Pet Cremation, we offer private, individual, and communal pet cremation services. As pet owners ourselves, we take comfort in preserving the memories of our pets, and realize other pet owners and families would like to do the same. In choosing private or individual cremation, you only receive the certified cremains of your pet to cherish and honor.

We strongly advocate an open door policy at our facility. We kindly ask you request in advance to be present during your pet’s cremation so we can properly accommodate you according to your pet’s cremation schedule.

Euthanasia may only be performed by a certified euthanasia technician, a licensed veterinarian, or in a certified agency. Coastal Pet Cremation does not administer euthanasia at our facility, but we can gladly refer you to a trusted euthanasia institution. For information on euthanasia, please click here.

We accept all pets up to the maximum weight limit of 500 lbs due to the weight restrictions our current crematoriums are designed to support.

We are available 24 hours a day by phone, so you can call with any questions or requests for assistance.

  • Find a towel, sheet, or blanket that can be disposed of.
  • Be aware that sometimes fluids are released and bowels may empty when a pet passes; using gloves is recommended. Avoid excessive movement of your pet.
  • Place your pet on top of the towel, sheet, or blanket. Alternatively, you may place your pet on their bed; the use of a disposable liner is recommended.
  • It is best to keep your pet inside and as cool as possible, especially during hot temperatures. If necessary, use ice packs below the towel or disposable liner to help keep them cool. Nothing drastic will happen overnight, these steps are recommended extra precautions.

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