Coastal Pet Legacies

Below are heartfelt expressions in memory of beloved pets. If you would like to create your own online Coastal Pet Legacy, click here.


Ernie was the biggest mama’s boy you could ever meet. I am so lucky that I was his chosen person. Although small, he would fiercely protect me. Ernie was the king of snuggling and stealing all the blankets. He loved sun-bathing, snacks, and sitting on my feet when I cooked. I loved Ernie for all his life, and will miss him for the rest of mine. I will cherish every memory. Life is not the same without you.


I got Bruno as a tiny baby for Christmas as a present from my mother. When I first saw him I was hesitant because I knew he was a pitbull. I did not have knowledge of raising one. What I do remember is right then and there I made a promise that he would be good with both cats, dogs, and humans. He was exactly that and so much more. He was the sweetest, most intelligent, and so stubborn. There was not one person who did not love him. Rest in peace my Bruno we love you so much.


Miley was one of a kind silver lab! She was a ray of sunshine everyday and loved by all! Our loss of you has been devastating! Our house is lonely with out you and Maggie misses you terribly! You will ever be in our hearts! Until we meet again! Rip baby girl❤️❤️


We love you & miss you so much. You were very special to us in so many ways. There will be a spot in our heart always. Love you, Forever


We loved our Mickey like no other. Sweet lil doggie who loved to play and cuddle and go for rides. Old age took the poor lil guy. 18!! Loved life. Had an unconditional love. We miss him soooo much. Rip big man!! Love u always and forever. Mom and Dad


My sweet, handsome Binx…you are so special to me in so many ways. I feel so lucky you were sent to me and that you chose me to be your mom. I only wish it could have been longer. I love you, Binxy Cat. Sleep well.


Rest peacefully, Misty “Boopies”. We shared just shy of 17 years together and I adored every moment. Mommy loves you so much and will miss you always. Forever in my heart you’ll be.


Rest in peace, my sweet Breesia. You were my beloved cuddle bug and I will miss your snuggles tremendously. Mommy loves you very much! Till we meet again. XO