About Us

Our company is founded on compassionate care and understanding for your loss, as we have gone through those same emotions and experiences. We treat every animal we handle as if they were our own and feel honored that we are able to help your pet pass on to its next journey. 

Who We Are

Coastal Pet Cremation is a local family run business created in 2018 by a group of pet lovers in Southwest Florida. We are here to offer compassionate care for your pet after they cross the rainbow bridge and to help guide you through your loss.  

What We Believe In:

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide trustworthy, compassionate afterlife care for pets and pet lovers in Southwest Florida to commemorate the bonds that last forever.

We’re here for you, whenever you need us

Where years of companionship are created into celebrated memories. When tears of sadness dry and paws fly, we pay tribute to your beloved pet.